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Finnigan's Wake






DADA is an organization consisting of artists, sculptors, photographers, interior and graphic designers, calligraphers, wood workers, jewelers, fiber artists and other disciplines in the arts. DADA has restaurants, retail shops, antiques, residences, business offices, shoe shop and a variety store located in this eclectic area of downtown between 5th and 7th and Trade Street. Organized in 1995, DADA began to raise awareness of the arts community and the arts district in Winston-Salem. Through its Gallery Hops and co-sponsorship of various city events, DADA has infused the downtown with new life and energy, helping to build the arts district itself into a vibrant community. Its stated goal is to alter conventional perceptions about downtown--just as the post-WWI abstract art movement of the same name set out to emancipate the imagination.


December is one of our favorite seasons!

We get to share the unique gifts and atmosphere with so many folks. Those of you who are visiting for fun and shopping have been so great to chat with!


Coming up soon- a NEW DADA EVENT!


We think it will be a lot of fun! You can register online now and purchase tickets from selected locations in the Art District. Click the image to view the flier!


Cocktails and Canvas with DADA


DADA presents the Gallery Hop and other events through sponsorships and contributions by patrons like you.Please help us continue to present our monthly hops by making a donation- DADA pays for permits to the City of WinstonSalem, pays for our police officers to keep the hops safe and flowing well, and pays for advertising so everyone can know what a wonderful free event we have EVERY MONTH RAIN AND SHINE!


Saturday our shops are open so if you didnt' get a chance to grab that special item Friday evening, please stop in and check out the art, craft and more!


Next Gallery Hop is in 2015!!!!! with some special events planned... stay tuned!


Winter is a great time to get our and visit the shops in the Art District. Join us in supporting the small businesses that have been helping to build the greater Downtown Winston Salem area for over 20 years! Past the First Friday Gallery Hops you can find, breakfast, lunch and dinner, evening entertainment and shopping for unique and locally created art and craft. Our Art District businesses are open during the weekdays, too! And most are open Saturdays and sometimes Sundays.. Check our Directory pages for details.


Art is a great way to share in the community... classes, demonstrations, participation and commerce. We already know nothing is really ever free, and those of us in the Art District have expenses every month for the Gallery Hops. There is no charge to attend the Hops, stroll the streets or visit with our galleries and shops AND we are all thrilled to be able to work at something that gives back to our community.


Thanks to everyone who donates time, energy and helps fund our non-profit organization that strives to keep art fun, social and front and center in our community.


We love sharing the art, music, dance, drama, beer and all the fun we have in the Art-Hood. How many of y 'all remember what this part of Downtown was like before the Art District? It was different for sure!


Please consider helping us keep the Hops Hopping.

DADA presents the Gallery Hops with the help of our shops, membership and business contributions. While we enjoy a good relationship with the City of Winston-Salem, the Arts Council and the WS Visitors Bureau, the expenses for our events are all ours!

We need your help.And we need it now.Your tax-deductible donation helps to make the hops happening.

Share some of your green and your time! We are an all-volunteer group taking on ALL of the expenses of the hops. The expenses include

  • Paying off-duty officers from Winston-Salem's finest to keep the streets clear of cars, help direct folks and keep us all safe and in-line.
  • Paying to close the streets
  • Paying to collect the street closings
  • Paying for any posters and postcards
  • Paying for this website
  • Paying for permits for closings, fire permits for raku and glassblowing
  • Paying for the art activities that we sponsor at the Hops
  • all the other things that come up!


Unfortunately, our current economy is not as bubbly as it once was and the local shops cannot support these activities alone. We welcome sponsors! And we would love your individual help! Consider a donation, a membership and volunteering with our events!


Thanks, and.....please join us for first Friday Gallery Hops year-round, rain or shine in the Winston-Salem Art District, located along Sixth Street, Trade Street from Fifth-Seventh Streets, and Liberty Street from Fifth to Sixth Street to celebrate art, local artists and enjoy receptions, extended hours and great hands-on art opportunities.


First FridayGallery Hops includes gallery receptions with new artwork in DADA’s galleries, shops and studios during theses extended hours. Plan to experience the new exhibits and meet the artists.


And the great atmosphere of the Downtown Art District. Special events are always held within galleries, too. Before the hop enjoy dinner in the local art district restaurants, and after the hop, experience music and entertainment in our local venues.


The Downtown Art District Association (DADA) presents the First Friday Gallery Hops and with sponsorships from of local businesses and support from patrons and the arts community. Donations are accepted with great appreciation, and used to continue support of art events in the Art District.


To learn more about DADA, including membership information, sponsorship information and a calendar of events, visit our website at or call 336.734.1864. Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter Email for more information.   DADA- Where Art Lives!


Check out the press page for more info on our projects, plans and other artsy details!